Go Green!

Let’s face it, we can’t live in a bubble to protect our children but we can proactively avoid dangerous chemicals and products that can cause developmental problems, hormone disruption and cancer by buying safe and environmentally friendly products. More and more manufacturers are popping up offering the same results with a safer and healthier product, [...]

Super brain foods for our kids

Below are the top 10 most important foods for our growing child`s brains. Many of the foods listed aid in important brain functions such as memory and concentration which could greatly improve your child`s performance at school and sports.   The brain is first in line of all our body`s` organs to absorb the benefits of [...]

What plastics are safe and which ones are not?

Are you aware that there is a number on the packaging or bottom of most plastics? The number is a recycle plant code which indicates the type of plastic or chemical make-up of the plastic. Many products that are available to us in our stores may be made from plastic materials that can release toxic chemicals [...]