Go Green!

Let’s face it, we can’t live in a bubble to protect our children but we can proactively avoid dangerous chemicals and products that can cause developmental problems, hormone disruption and cancer by buying safe and environmentally friendly products. More and more manufacturers are popping up offering the same results with a safer and healthier product, [...]

Sunscreen Guide

Summer is here so let the outdoor fun begin! As a kid, I remember when we went to the beach, my parents would “butter” my nose and cheeks with zinc oxide. Even though I look pretty funny in my pictures, it reminded me of a product that really works. The other day, I went shopping [...]

PFOA and Microwave Popcorn

  The invention of microwave popcorn seemed like the greatest invention for all us popcorn lovers.   I have to say it has been one of our favorite snacks around the house, especially on Friday nights when we have family movie night!  I recently read information about microwave popcorn that alarmed me enough to throw ours [...]

Are your Child’s Bathroom Products Toxic?

As parents, I think many of us assume that the bath, lotion and like products on the market are safe. Why would manufacturers make something that could harm our children? Could our government actually allow them to sell products that are potentially harmful? The FDA has the big job of regulating the safety of personal products [...]

The Dangers of Chemical Sunscreens. Are they protecting you from skin cancer?

With a growing conscience of a healthier lifestyle many people have increased their use of sunscreens to prevent skin cancer.   Yet, there has been an astonishing rise of skin cancer over the past several years.  A lot of medical research is going into testing the chemical ingredients in many of the sunscreen products on the [...]

Pesticide Levels in our Fruits and Vegetables

Many of us see the organic fruits and vegetables in the produce section of our local grocery store and it’s obvious that the organic fruits and veggies are rarely on sale and almost always at a higher price than the non-organic.  With our economy struggling I know a lot of parents who normally shop organic [...]