The Top 10 Things Daycare / Childcare Providers Want Parents to Know!

If you are considering putting your child in a childcare facility, there are a few important things that childcare providers want parents to know before you enroll. Here are the top 10 things!

1. Child care is a Business

Childcare is a business so the providers that are responsible for taking care of your children should always be professional. Since child care is a business, the level of expertise in child development, education, discipline, safety, customer satisfaction and professionalism is much higher than that of a babysitting service.

2. Treat the Provider’s Like You Would a Good Friend or Business Partner

Childcare Providers are there to care and help develop your child in your absence. Treat them with respect, equality and as professionals. They are the eyes and ears of your child when you are not around. Listen to their requests, concerns, ideas or suggestions as you would a good friend or co-worker. Their goal is to nurture, teach, play with and keep your child safe while in their care.

3. Daycare Providers Can Charge Late Fees

Childcare providers have lives of their own outside of caring for your child. If you are late to pick up your child, your childcare provider has the right to charge a late fee. Not all daycare providers will charge you a late fee for being late, but each provider does hold the right to do so. Be sure to inquire about their late pick up policy so you aren’t caught off guard if this happens.

4. Set Rules with Your Provider

If your child requires a special diet, has allergies, requires medications or has special needs, be sure to set discuss rules, expectations or restrictions with your childcare provider. Most childcare providers will request that you complete a form explaining the child’s “special needs” or “requirements”. It’s a good idea to ask if this is not presented to you.

5. Please Be On Time with Your Payment

Just as you have a daily job and expect to get paid on time to support your family, your childcare provider is in the same boat. A late payment could mean the provider is not getting enough money that they need to provide daily necessities such as meals / snacks, crafts, diapers or cleaning products. Please be on time with your payment.

6. Scratches Can Happen

Although it is the job of your childcare provider to keep your child safe, scratches will happen from time to time just as they do at home in your care. However, there appears to be a pattern or there are multiple scratches, it is always okay to inquire with the day care provider.

7. Cost for Quality

Childcare services range but typically if your child is attending a facility where there is a lease or mortgage on the property, a certified teaching staff, prepared meals, transportation, computers etc, you may pay a higher amount than a home daycare provider. Quality of care is ultimately what is important.

8. Understand That Inconsistencies Can Cause a Lapse of Judgment

Your childcare provider should always abide by rules or expectations that are set out by you but if you change the rules or expectations, your provider can forget or there can be communication issues among the staff. Be sure to give reminders at drop off on a daily basis or email the staff. Try to be patient with them as they adjust to new standards for you.

9. Do Not Bring Providers into Custody Battles

You should never put a child care provider in the middle of a custody battle. Their job is to uphold the health, safety and education of your child in your absence. Providers are required to abide by the written agreement of who can pick up a child. Be specific in your written agreement so there isn’t any confusion for the provider.

10. Childcare Providers are not Housekeepers

Your child may spill on themselves or get their shoes muddy from playing outside but it is not the responsibility of the daycare provider to wash your child’s clothes, shoes, clean out their lunch box or rinse out their sippy cups / bottles. Their main concern is for your child’s well being while in their care and not household duties. Please be understanding.


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