Daycare Fire in Mexico

The recent news of a daycare center fire in Mexico where 44 children died brought so many concerns to my mind.  While reading the article I could only imagine the horror and anger of the families involved. Why would a government funded facility have 8 employees watching over 142 infants/toddlers?   That leaves each employee responsible for the care of approximately 17 infants/toddlers.  The second serious concern I had is the building had a newly installed sprinkler system which did not work due to being improperly installed.  Did anyone ever test the system after they installed it?  The third question is why is there only 1 emergency exit for a building that houses an estimated 150 people on a daily basis?  There was a second door but it was bolted shut and required a key to open.  What kind of emergency exit requires a key to get out? As Mexico faces daycare safety issues, we can certainly learn from this mistake.

In the United States, you can run daycare out of your home and care for children without maintaining a license by the government.  I think the tragedy in Mexico should bring concern to parents who use providers that are not licensed.  Are the non-licensed providers striving to meet all the necessary criteria to keep your child safe? Licensed child care providers are required to meet a large list of requirements and are inspected to ensure they continue to meet these standards on a regular basis.   Each state determines their own standards and it can vary from state to state but all must meet required areas including updated immunization records, health, safety and food standards, sanitation, gas, fire, pest control, emergency procedures and insurance.    If you use a non-licensed provider, you could be subjecting your child to danger in various areas. provides “Guides” with quality questions to ask when choosing a daycare or preschool provider for your child.  Our website also provides links to each state`s child licensing division where you can review a provider`s violation and inspection history.  

How did you choose your daycare or preschool provider? 

1.       How did you find them? 

2.       Are they licensed with the state?

3.       Did you research your providers` state violation and inspection records before you enrolled your child?

4.       Are you comfortable with leaving your child with a non-licensed provider? If so, why or why not.

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A good example of why it’s important to find a licensed childcare provider.

9 month old girl dies at home daycare provider- no license and caring for 21 children at once.

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