The Best Children’s Vitamins


Many parents today deal with the constant struggle to get their child to eat vegetables or a well balanced diet.  When I ask my daughter`s what they would like to eat, the common answers are; PB & J, macaroni n cheese, a hot dog or grilled cheese sandwich.  I usually can get them to eat fruit along with a meal but the vegetable is a whole other issue.  Like some parents, I rely on a multi-vitamin to help supplement nutrition through the “picky eater” stages of childhood.  I know from my own experiences as a child that eventually you do grow out of it and begin to like vegetables.

When I go shopping for a multi vitamin I am always amazed at the amount of choices on the shelf and when I begin to read the ingredients they all look the same. Lots of words that appear to be chemicals and I have no idea what they are.  Many of the vitamins at your local drugstore are manufactured using synthetic chemical processes and not from the actual plant itself.  The ingredients on a synthetic vitamin bottle will usually read something like; Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Ascorbic Acid and so on.  

There are other choices of vitamins available that come from whole foods and have natural ingredients which are not chemically manufactured.  Whole food vitamins contain the actual foods that we eat in the ingredients. The label will list the plant that the nutrients come from usually like this; carrots, green beans, spinach, strawberries, etc.  Another benefit of whole food vitamins is that they don`t contain preservatives, color additives, aluminum, sugar additives and other fillers.  Many are dairy, soy, wheat, salt and gluten free.  I believe the main reason why people are buying synthetic vitamins is for one, they are readily available in almost every drugstore and supermarket and two, they are cheaper.  I am more comfortable giving my daughter’s a vitamin with spinach and strawberries in it than a vitamin with Aspartame and Sorbitol.

Below is a list of whole food vitamins that are available for children and can be found in health food or organic sections of your local market or at most health food stores.   It`s always a good idea to discuss vitamin supplements with a physician before giving it to your child. 

1.       Hero Yummy Bears 200 gummies for about $15.


2.       Rainbow Light Nutri Stars 120 tablets cost about $16.


3.       New Chapter Every Kid powder pouches 28 for about $20.  It comes in two flavors Brilliant Berries and Awesome Apple.

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Great research, Marie. Thank you for listing the ingredients that we should try to avoid and a BIG THANK YOU for finding the names we can trust!

Great information! Very helpful and clear about what things to avoid. Thank you!

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